The J. Coleman Waterproofing Difference:

J. Coleman Waterproofing believes in doing each project right the first time. The best way to assure long lasting security is multi-faceted. The first key ingredient is preparation. Our team spends the extra time to assure all surfaces are clean and any issues are properly addressed before any of our products are applied.

The second aspect that makes J. Coleman Waterproofing your best choice for a Guaranteed Dry Basement is our products.  Tuff-N-Dri XTS and WatchDog H3 are Polymer modified water based products which are environmentally safe and do not leach toxins into the ground water or the atmosphere plus have a greater resistance to hydrostatic pressure.  Tuff-N-Dri XTS is 12X’s and WatchDog H3 3X’s better resistance than any other modified asphalt product out there with most having 1 foot or less.  Not all black stuff is created equal!  The Tuff-N-Dri brand is North America’s #1 product and is the most recognized by Architects and Builders.  Our system includes a Warm-N-Dri protection/drainage board available in <= R3, 1 3/16 R5, or 2 inch R 10 or any combination.  However, if preferred we can use other drain mat’s.  We also offer a 6” or 12” foundation drain.  These products can be applied to poured walls immediately after the forms are removed and on block walls as soon as the mortar is dry.  This means no construction delays!

The last aspect to our services are the warranties ranging from 10-30 years! These warranties are all performance warranties which shift the responsibility of call backs and repairs to J. Coleman Waterproofing and Tremco Barrier Solutions.

Bottom Line you are Guaranteed a Dry Basement!

If you are offered a lifetime warranty please do yourself a favor and check with your Attorney General and see what that means in the state of North Carolina.

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